Florence Capital of Good Drinks and Good Food

Florence is located in the center of the Tuscany region. This area of ​​Italy has old traditions in many fields, which have often contributed to advancing civilization of Europe.

Local people have always cultivated the rural areas around Florence since ancient times, thanks to the good climate and fertile lands of Tuscany. Thanks to these favorable characteristics over time, we have created crops capable of producing excellent products. One of the best-known productions and appreciated is certainly the wine.

Good drinks in Florence

The finest Tuscan wines are those of the Chianti area. In Chianti area, there are particular species of excellent varieties to get particularly suitable grapes for wine production. The millions of tourists from all over the world helped to contribute and spread Tuscan wines in the world. Many of Tuscany visitors, once back in their home countries, did not want to give up the goodness of Tuscan wines so they helped to import Tuscan wines in the world.

While visiting Florence and other Tuscan cities, in addition to degustation of the excellent wines of this region, you can taste the excellent Tuscan food. Tuscan culinary tradition is rooted in the centuries-old history of this area of ​​Italy. Among the foods present in the menus of restaurants and trattorias in Florence, there are the excellent Tuscan first dishes from the popular tradition of this area of ​​Italy. Many first Tuscan dishes made with bread.

food in florence Ribollita

Among these the most popular are the ribollita - famous Tuscan soup, l’acqua cotta – literally translated water baked, La minestra di pane or Zuppa Toscana - bread soup and the summer fresh dish, Tuscan salad called panzanella.

Salumi Tuscan Food

Among typical food of Tuscany, there are many choices of excellent cured meats, such as, salami, finocchiona soprassata and the typical Tuscan ham. These goods usually served as great appetizers before a dinner accompanied by classic crostini – little crusts, made with liver pate in Florence.

Fiorentina steak food in Florence

If you visit Florence and you love meat dishes, it is necessary to try the steak alla Fiorentina. This dish is well known and appreciated throughout the whole world. The true Florentine steak is a part of the particularly soft beef, with the bone, and then rapidly cooked on the grill so remains soft and raw in its inner part.

cantuccini and vin santo

For those who love sweets, you can find the typical Tuscan pastries. For example, cantucci –almond biscuits accompanied with Vin Santo – Saint wine. Other typical Tuscan sweet by old traditions are the castagnaccio plain chestnut flour cake and buccellato – circular cake. In addition to the sweets of the classical Tuscan tradition, there is a wide variety of cakes in Florence, but similar to ones of culinary traditions of other countries.

This wide variety of desserts is present, because Florence was quite a cosmopolitan town since ancient times; the city was an important place frequented by visitors from all over Europe.

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