A Secret Passage Under Arno River in Florence

A spectacular and secret passage under the Arno River is the ambitious project that the municipality of Florence presume to realize in the upcoming years.

Secret Passage Under Arno River in Florence

In fact, the realization of this passage under the Arno river is not a novelty for Florence, but rather finishing a project that was started already in 1877. The passage under the Arno was built during the construction of the aqueduct situated at the current Piazza Poggi.

Spectacular Passage Under Arno River in Florence

This project was designed to equip Florence of a modern aqueduct. A kind of work also known with the name of “Fabbrica dell’Acqua”-‘water-factory’. It operates the aqueduct with two tunnels crossing the river, one of them needed to accommodate a big tubing, while the other has the purpose of filtering the Arno water.

In reality, both tunnels would also eventually give the opportunity to cross Arno River. History tells us that during the inauguration of this important work – of the passage, there were 5000 enthusiastic Florentines paying a ticket, as they already wanted to experience the thrill of the passage under the Arno.

Visitors traveling along the passage under the Arno first would come in on piazza Poggi and came out of the tunnel in the opposite side of the river, at the height of the Piave Square along the basement of the old mint of Florence. Unfortunately, all accesses are closed currently and part of the old tunnel is flooded by water. The ambitious project of the municipality would like to restore the walkway and thus creating a spectacular, prestigious attraction, interesting to visit as well as for Florentines as for many tourists in the city throughout the year.