Leonardo da Vinci Artwork at the Uffizi Gallery

Leonardo is considered one of the greatest masters of all times. His incredible talents led him to be an absolute artist and a visionary scientist able to anticipate centuries of discoveries , which are still the subject of interest.

During the Uffizi Gallery tour you can admire a room dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci artwork in the period in which the great artist was working in Florence, in the workshop of Verrocchio.

leonardo da Vinci The Baptism of Christ

The Baptism of Christ by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the masterpieces in this room. This painting was made in collaboration with Verrocchio. Verrocchio is attributed to the completion of this painting. In this painting, it is not difficult to distinguish the style of Leonardo, especially the landscape and the face of the angel.

leonardo da Vinci Annunciation i

Another Leonardo da Vinci artwork in this room of the Uffizi is the Annunciation. The great Florentine artist expresses, in addition to his incredible talent, also his skills as a scientist. Angel wings are painted as if they were those of a so volatile. Annunciation by Leonardo hits the peculiarities of the landscape in the background , that combines fantastic and classical elements in a mix that enchants diverting attention from the main elements of the painting.

leonardo da vinci adoration of the magi

Another artwork of great interest is the Adoration of the Magi. This painting, despite being unfinished, has a very refined pictorial technique of Leonardo da Vinci and expresses emotional intensity of the portayals.