Bargello Museum, the Crucifixion of Donatello returns after restoration

The Bargello museum, one of the most visited in Florence, will see the return of an important piece of work by Donatello's "The Crucifixion". After two months of restoration, which was possible to achieve thanks to the generous donation of an American couple who financed it by the means of 'Association Friends of Florence’, this private initiative work in bronze, can shine forth more than ever in the room dedicated to Donatello 's Bargello Museum.
After two months of careful work of the bronze "The Crucifixion“, by Donatello, has recovered all of its details by highlighting the many reflections that characterize the gold and silver. In an exceptional way the meaning of the work, that is the dramatic scene of the crucifixion, with all the classic characteristics of traditional classic Christian.

Bargello Museum Donatello's The Crucifixion

Donatello executed the bronze work after his stay at Padua, where the great Florentine artists’ oriental art studio used the technique dell'ageminatura. This consists of small interlocking parts of different metals of different colors, which gives a technique that gives a polychrome coloration, this helps to accentuate and highlight the more important findings.
This type of restoration needs special attention and an in-depth analysis. This is necessary to determine the nature of the different metals, and their original color with the passage of time. It had lost its shades of origin having been covered with protective waxes and oils, and blended with substances of deposit that had formed a dark patina, hiding the colors and reflections of this beautiful piece of sculpture.