Hunt's Exhibition in Villa of Medici Family

The Medicean Villa of Cerreto Guidi is about forty miles from Florence. This was an hunt's exhibition at the time of the Medici family. Many members of the Medici family were very fond of this kind of activity. This is demonstrated by the numerous weapons and other items that were used during the hunt, and have been brought together in this exhibition, in this Villa of Medici family, to be exposed.This villa was built in this area because it was a perfect area to start hunting, and this residence at that time was sumptuously furnished and decorated with beautiful tapestries.Visiting this exhibition will be free until January of 2015.

tapestry's depicting Medici family ‘The wild boar hunting with the handgun’

The exhibition begins with a tapestry depicting ‘The wild boar hunting with the handgun’, along with this, they show a series of five weapons that come from collections of museums such as Provost, the Stibbert, the municipal museum Bardini and the Hunt Museum.

Blunderbuss with decorations of Medici family

The most important of these weapons is the blunderbuss Medici that is believed to belong to Francesco I de 'Medici, a highly decorated weapon on which you can admire numerous carvings depicting scenes of hunting, animals, and depictions of paradise.Continuing in the show, there is a picture of Frans Snijders, depicting the Wild boar hunting in this painting is given great prominence to the boar struggling with several dogs during a hunt, in which also shows two hunters that besiege with the weapons and the enraged animal.To enrich the way there are also some engravings illustrating Stradano hunting wild boar and wolves, as well as two interesting books of the sixteenth century on the hunt. Rounding out the show are two paintings by Bartolomeo Bimbi, whose subject is captured animals during the hunt.