The Fourth Exhibition of Art and Restoration at Fortezza da Basso

The fourth exhibition of Art and Restoration in Florence will be held from 13th to 15th November 2014 at Fortezza da Basso. This event is dedicated to art restoration, which is of great importance with regard to the preservation of world culture and heritage, and confirms the important role that Florence has played in this area. A role totally deserved given the huge range of local Fiorentino work, which is seen to be by far one of the leading cities in art. The exhibition of art and restoration has established itself globally after only a few editions, as a point of reference regarding many issues related to the restoration of archaeological art, often found on areas at risk with regard to environmental conditions.
The event, now in its fourth edition will be held at the Fortezza da Basso, and as in previous years will see the union of the most skilled artisan traditions, with the latest technology applied to the restoration and preservation of cultural goods, that represent a treasure of great value to Florence, and for many other areas of Italy.

Exhibition of art and restoration at Fortezza da Basso in Florence

At the Art and restoration Florence exhibition, there will be on display after nearly 50 years, five panels of the Last Supper by Giorgio Vasari. These were severely damaged in 1966 by the flood of Florence. This work of art seemed to completely come back to life thanks to the collaboration between the Precious Stones and the Getty Foundation in Los Angeles. They allowed the work to take advantage of the most innovative restoration techniques. Guided tours to the important painting of the ‘Last Supper Vasari’ on this occasion will be limited to three groups of twenty people who will be able to reserve time by phone.
This edition of the International Art and Restoration in Florence will be characterized by the presence of 160 exhibitors representing excellence in this area; visitors can take part in many cultural events including conferences of various kinds with top speakers from the industry. In the exhibition there will also be a bookshop, trade publications, institutional stands and meeting rooms that will host many cultural events, there will also be areas dedicated to training and guidance for work and study.
In this fourth edition of the exhibition of art and restoration, which focuses on issues related to the protection of cultural works. The restored art will be exhibited, resulting from the earthquake zone that testify the progress made in this area by the combination of traditional craftsmanship with advanced tool technology. Examples of these works are a round coming from depicting the Holy Family with Saint Francis of dell'Amatrice Cola, a work which is temporarily housed in the laboratory restorations Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence. Another example of the restoration will be Coprifonte baptismal carved wood of the nineteenth century, from Mirandola in Emilia, also damaged by an earthquake in 2012 that heavily hit that region. During the event to promote the development of trade relations, meetings will be organized between the companies present and delegates to international non-governmental organizations of various countries, which seek as its goal the preservation of works of art in the world through the conservation and restoration of the works most at risk, or already damaged by time and environmental factors.
Throughout the course of the event, various conferences will be hosted which will try to open an eye on the economic future of art as a universal heritage. Discussions will be held to protect this area and study what the implications could be with interactions from public and private investment, in which the industry could forever benefit.