The Restoration of the Last Supper by Vasari

The Last Supper by Giorgio Vasari back in Santa Croce church after 50 years.

The Last Supper by Giorgio Vasari it has been completely restored after the serious damage caused by Florence flood in 1966, which seemed to have completely undermined the famous painting, has now returned visible images of the Last Supper painted on poplar panel by Vasari.

Vasari the Last Supper in Santa Croce church

During the tragic flood, Vasari’s masterpiece was overwhelmed by water and mud that invaded the halls of the museum of the work of the Holy Cross for many hours.

The restoration efforts that were made at that time were inadequate and even counter-productive, it seemed that the work was lost forever and his remains were forgotten for nearly 50 years at the restoration laboratory Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence.

Restoration Last Supper by Giorgio Vasari after Florence Flood

In 2010, an ambitious project was reborn hoping to restore this important work by Vasari. An agreement between the Precious Stones and The Getty Foundation in Los Angeles gave way to a difficult process of recovery of the Last Supper, in which they adopted all the most innovative restoration techniques, including the storage phase lasting until today.

Since the tragic flood, it was crucial because any attempt that could be made ​​at that time would eventually completely destroy the work. Now the result of the miraculous rebirth of the Last Supper by Vasari will be on display in a major exhibition in 2016, to celebrate the memory of the 50th anniversary of the Florence.

Before that date, the work of Vasari will be visible to a limited number of people. The exhibition of the art of restoration is to be held in Florence at the Fortezza da Basso, 13th to 15th November 2014.