Florence Exhibitions 2015

Art exhibition in Florence in 2015, here is a list of the most important shows that will increase the already great artistic heritage of the most important city in Tuscany

Cheerful bizzarrissimi paintings and dinners - Uffizi Gallery 10/02 - 24/05
This exhibition celebrates Flemish painter Gerard van Honthorst known in Italy as Gherardo delle Notti. During his career, he worked as a painter in Italy, where the works of the great Caravaggio influenced him in part. During his career, he worked for major people of that era, including Cosmo II de ' Medici. In the Uffizi Gallery, they still keep some of his works such as the Adoration of the Child, which is, one of his best-known paintings.

The Middle Ages traveling - National Museum of the Bargello 20/03 - 21/06
In this event through various artistic disciplines, the theme of travel in the middle ages is presented and explored.

The Art of Francis, works of art and the lands of Asia from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century - Accademia Gallery 30 03 -11/10
This exhibition will display paintings of religious and spiritual meaning, with particular reference to the works of Eastern artistic production, made ​​between 200 and 400

Lapis Lazuli Magic Blue - Silver Museum 09/06 - 11/10
This exhibition is dedicated to this precious rock from the mountains of Afghanistan; it is rich in mineral blue, which is what gives this precious rock its characteristic blue color. It was used for vases and paintings at the time of the Medici, which ended up becoming a traditional color of the Medicean Florence

Piero di Cosimo, eccentric painter of the Florentine Renaissance and Mannerism - Uffizi Gallery 22/06 - 27/11
This exhibition is dedicated to the artist who was not well known. It is complemented by its alcube drafts of paintings and works by contemporary artists, that will be useful to contextualize work envi painter.

Carlo Dolci Florentine painter - Palatine Gallery 30/06 - 15/11
Over 70 paintings by this artist will be on display to raise awareness of the extraordinary realism of his works that were very popular during his time in 600

Florence 1865-2015 capital, gifts and collections, King's Gallery of Modern Art 19/11 - 03/04/16
This exhibition will bring together works that were chosen by the King of Italy, when Florence was the capital. Today they are located in different locations

Carlo Portelli, a painter of merit Galleria dell ' Accademia 14/12/15 - 17/04/16
This show is dedicated to another painter Molot who is not known to the general public, it will exhibit 50 works of this artist who has characterized his art as inspired by a vision Rosso Fiorentino.