Biennal wine and food in Florence

Now in its fourth edition, Biennal wine and food in Florence event will take place from November 10th to 30th 2015. The event that will have its center in tepidariums Roster is an important occasion, the Tuscan food is one of the top, which is very popular among tourists visiting Florence, many of which are very attracted to the food, besides the typical Tuscan wines.

food in florence

The Florence wine and food event will be held in various locations, such as city squares and palaces of Florence. In addition to the tasting of Tuscan food, you will be offered shows and meetings that highlight the historical and cultural aspects of food in Tuscany and Florence.
The event will also highlight Tuscan wines, with a variety of events dedicated to this theme, such as:

Life of Wine, an event that will offer a historical journey during which they will offer tastings of vintage wine.

God Save the Wine, a prestigious event show casing Fiorentino wine. The event will feature a tasting of wines with typical Tuscan and Florentine food.

Bubbles of Tuscany, an event that will highlight local businesses through the various methods that are used to produce sparkling wines of Tuscany.

wine in florence

Florence Wine Event. This event will be dedicated to not only wine, but also oil and other foods and culinary excellence typical of the area.

Kitchens Road is an event dedicated to Italian street food and international and Italian craft beer, this event will present Italian and foreign food producers.

Market Biennale exhibition to be held in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, where people will be offered selections of food, wine and Tuscan artisan.
The Elbe is said that a meeting will highlight the typical Tuscan island.

ice cream in florence

The ice cream will be the star of the biennial food and wine in Florence event. During which some of the most famous ice cream makers will attend it. Florentines are dedicated to producing the Biennial taste, a particular flavor of ice cream, which will be offered to visitors for the duration of the event.

As with the other editions throughout the two-year period, food and wine in the restaurants of Florence will be carried on with the initiative "A typical dish at the restaurant", with which you can taste dishes inspired by old recipes of the typical small town, Tuscan and Florentine foods that are not usually made any longer.