Christmas in Florence, decorations and Christmas markets

Christmas in Florence is the most awaited festival of the year and an un-missable opportunity, during this period you can take part in many Florence christmas events. The city is adorned with lights and Christmas garlands, and Christmas trees are avoided in every street and square store.
There are in many Italian and foreign tourists who book a holiday in Florence at this time of year. Some also stop for the New Year celebrations in the historic squares, next to the most significant monuments of the city. In this period, it is not easy to find a hotel or a bed and breakfast free if you do not book in advance. This time of year is a period in which reservations and the presence of people in the city go back to the levels of which Florence has in the summer season.
At Christmas, the streets of the historic center of Florence are full of a special buzz with tourists and Florentines who visit the shops in search of gifts. There is also the Christmas markets in Florence, where in addition to finding unique artisan items you can taste the typical Christmas flavors such as wine and roast chestnuts, of which their smell invades the historic squares.

Weihnachtsmarkt one of traditional German Christmas markets

Among the markets, there is the Weihnachtsmarkt one of the most traditional German christmas market that is set up in Piazza Santa Croce. This traditional Christmas market this year (2015) will begin December 2rd and finish on the 20st a few days before Christmas. Throughout this period, the square features wooden houses of Heidelberg (twin city of Florence), where you can buy traditional handicrafts, consume the foods of a typical German market, like a wurstell and roast pork, which is in addition to great beers and the inevitable mulled wine.
During the Christmas period, a festive atmosphere surrounds Florence with many people walking the streets and squares of the center, visiting the monuments and the historic squares. Everywhere has been festively decorated for over a month, and every day in December feels like Christmas day. Even the shops and workshops where you can find unique gifts ensure to embellish their own way, at their own expense, by commissioning the installation of Christmas lights and garlands. Each street or village puts up small lights to ward off, at least for this period, the darkness of winter.
The places that are the focus at Christmas are the many historical churches in the center of Florence, which propose traditional religious and cultural events such as Masses, concerts, and the typical cribs, some of which are even in living form, which represent the most significant moment of the Christian religion with the birth of Christ. Something that is particularly impressive is the Christmas Masses that are celebrated in Florence Cathedral and the church of Santa Maria Novella.