Russian Icons Exhibition in Uffizi Gallery

In the Uffizi, there will be a collection of Russian icons exhibited. This exhibition will be on display from 20th December 2014 to 1st February 2015 in the Hall of the Royal.
This exhibition is sponsored by the Friends of the Uffizi Gallery and belongs to the works of the cycle 'the unseen'. This appointment is renewed annually and is made available to the public. The themes represented by works less known to the general public, although it is of major artistic and cultural interest.
The collection of Russian icons is an exhibition, which displays 81 icons from various Florentine museums; it constitutes the oldest collection of Russian icons kept outside of Russia.

russian icon in uffizi gallery in florence

Among the Russian icons those with greater historical value are an icon of Mary, and one depicting the beheading of John the Baptist dating back from the sixteenth century, this has been made ​​part of the furniture of the chapel of the Palazzo Pitti. The icons arrived in Florence in large during the Lorraine period; it is thought that most of these were purchased in central Russia.
Visitors to this exhibition will have the chance to see typical examples of Russian art that were collected by the Medici and Lorraine dynasties, from which they were kept and preserved well enough to be passed down to today in very good condition.
The exhibition of Russian icons is divided into three distinct sections by theme represented by Christ, the Mother of God, and the various saints who belong to the Orthodox creed. Artistically Russian icons of the Florentine collection can be divided into two strands, characterized by a sacred images made from a good quality iconographic, while the others characterized by a popular style in which they are used for their simpler realization traits.