Treasures of the Foundation Buccellati Exhibition in Palazzo Pitti

Showing in Florence in the prestigious Palazzo Pitti, in the monumental rooms of museum of the silvers, you will see as protagonists "Treasures of the Foundation Buccellati ".
During this exhibition there will be on display masterpieces of jewelry made ​​by this prestigious brand, which takes the name of the same family Buccellati, which for 100 years has distinguished itself worldwide for its ability to make jewelry, gold and silver work.

Fondation Buccellati Exibition in Palazzo Pitti Florence

The exhibition will be open from December 2nd, 2014 to February 22nd, 2015. The event shows great importance on the artistic and cultural elements that highlight the important goldsmith tradition of Florence. This will boast a secular tradition in the manufacture of jewelry, a tradition that is still well represented by goldsmith shops of the Old Bridge, which are near this exhibition.
The Ponte Vecchio is in fact home to the best goldsmiths of Florence. Since the time of the construction of the Vasari Corridor, the jewelers were moved here because it was a necessary step for the most important people of Europe to see when they visited the Medici family. The Medici family at the time resided in their own Palazzo Pitti, which was the present location of the gold jewelry and the foundation Buccellati.
The exhibition will consist of more than one hundred works, including jewelry, works of gold and silverware, designed by the various members of the Buccellati family who succeeded pursuing this prestigious family tradition. The founder of this great family of goldsmiths was Mario Buccellati who had among its client’s personalities like Gabriele d' Annunzio, who was completely fascinated by the works of this great artist Florentine goldsmith. The friendship of Mario Buccellati with Dannunzio is witnessed by various jewelers and jewelry inspired by the great Italian patriot and writer of ' 900.
The refined processes typical of the Florentine style distinguish the works of jewelry made from the Buccellati family; as bracelets, brooches or tiaras, worked ' tulle ' or honeycomb where the sophistication of the tunnel is put into further prominence with the setting of diamonds and precious stones. The works of jewelry on display are divided into separate rooms according to the authorship of the works of the various members of the dynasty Buccellati. Relief items are also made ​​by Gianmaria, that while excelling goldcraft managed to stand out creating works of jewelry inspired by the great goldsmith collection of the Medici family, who had visited right in the Museo degli Argenti, current seat of the exhibition Buccellati.
Gianmaria realized the precious objects of great artistic and cultural value; drawing inspiration from the themes doctors the realization of real unique pieces with techniques of jewelry of the highest level. Among them, you can admire bowls, vases and boxes belonging to his personal collection.