Florence Exhibitions During Expo 2015

Florence Exhibition in 2015 will be as always, moments of artistic excellence. Even in the year when the focus will be on 'Expo in Milan’, Florence will emerge with the strength of art and beauty that will help make 2015 a year exceptional wonder for Italy. During 2015 many visitors will arrive and will be able to take the opportunity to visit the Expo, along with the beauty of other Italian cities such as Florence, Rome, Venice and mote in other areas with unique locations full of artistic charm.

Florence Exhibitions and Expo 2015

There are ten most significant artistic events not to be missed, an offer that covers various themes from ancient to contemporary.
To kick off the season will be the Uffizi art, which from 10th February to 24th May, will host the exhibition of paintings “Gherardo delle Notti: quadri bizzarrissimi e scene allegre”. To become the main protagonist of the paintings of the Dutch Gerrit van Honthorst, who also worked in Italy in Rome for some time, and was particularly appreciated by important collectors including the Duke Cosimo II of Tuscany.
From March 14th to June 21st, will be the turn of the exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi "Power and pathos”. Bronzes of the Hellenistic world, for the occasion will host important works from major museums around the world. This exhibition will host artistic statues of gods, athletes, leaders and portraits of power, in a journey through time in the name of ' epic and monumental.
On April 25th Forte Belvedere will hold a solo exhibition of one of the greatest contemporary sculptors, Briton Antony Gormley, born in 1950, who was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize by the Tate in London.
In September there will be a return from the Expo which will be on display from April, which will return to Palazzo Vecchio winds tapestries, with the stories of Joseph commissioned by Cosimo I to the Flemish masters Jan Rost and Nicolas Karcher cartoons, by Pontormo and Bronzino. These works should leave a record restoration which lasted 27 years, it was run by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence.
From September 26th to January 24th 2016, there will be held in Palazzo Strozzi an exhibition named "Beauty Divine", which will exhibit works of sacred art, ranging from modern nineteenth to 1950.
In the fall, to coincide with the exhibition of the Biennale international antiques market (26th September to 4th October) there will be set up between the Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti an exhibition of the famous pop artist Jeff Koons.
Always in 2015 to coincide with the anniversary of 150 years of Florence capital, will be set up another two other exhibitions:
The first exhibition will be from November 19th to April 3rd 2016, at the Gallery of Modern Art where he will host the works and furnishings designed by Vittorio Emanuele II, for the Pitti Palace in Florence Capital at the time.
The second exhibition will be held at the Bargello from 20th March to 21st June and will keep the theme of the Middle Ages works that recall: Crusaders, warriors, merchants, bankers, pilgrims and preachers, all figures devoted to travel and to difficult companies especially for the Middle Ages.