Easter Holidays in Florence

Easter in addition to being an important religious holiday is a time of year that allows you to organize a trip during the holidays, this time in Italy is characterized by a climate still not warm enough to go to the seaside, but not too cold to enjoy the beautiful day outside.A great place to spend the day is to organize a visit to a city like Florence, Easter holidays in Florence offers many opportunities and the city is less crowded than the classic summer months. You can visit the monuments and the masterpieces of the city in a more relaxed and peaceful environment than other periods.

easter holidays in florence, explosion of the cart

Easter holiday in Florence, in addition to traditional artistic monuments and architectures, offers a unique show that takes place on Easter morning in front of the Duomo. This is conducted by a large number of oxen wagons with three floors, where numerous fireworks are lit by the launch of the classic dove. The show is accompanied by the presence of the historic parade Fiorentino, and has its most spectacular moment when the power of the many fireworks are located on the traditional Easter wagon that the Florentines call "Brindellone", this is because of its large size and its appearance is not exactly elegant. A folk show not to be missed if you decide to spend Easter holidays in Florence.

easter holidays in florence

Florence despite having a large number of artistic and architectural masterpieces is a small town ideal to visit during short breaks of a few days such as Easter holidays, the days are intense in Florence and in a few hours you can visit most of the monuments as they are very close to each other. In a few hours you can take a sightseeing tour that includes the most important monuments of Florence, starting from Piazza del Duomo headquarters, the cathedral of Florence. The Cathedral is famous for the dome by Brunelleschi and Giotto's bell tower. A few minutes away you can arrive in the famous square of Signoria where Palazzo Vecchio, seat of the city authorities since the times of the Florentine Republic, adjacent to this building is the Uffizi Gallery with its masterpieces. It is the most visited museum in Italy ever.From the Uffizi you can continue walking down to the Ponte Vecchio, and from there to Piazza Pitti, where stands the majestic namesake Palace. The Palace was the residence of the Medici for the entire period of their government, there is another unique passage combining the Uffizi Palace Pitti, going through the Vasari Corridor, an elevated walkway built by Cosimo I de 'Medici to ensure the safety of the new rulers. This path, despite not including many other places in the city, can still admire the historic squares and monuments that are known and appreciated throughout the world; the Cathedral, the palaces, the Uffizi Gallery and the Vasari Corridor are all visited and preserved, some of their walls display some of the most important works of art of the period of the Renaissance.