Weather Florence in Italy

The weather Florence in Italy affects not only the city's residents but also the millions of tourists who annually visit the artistic and architectural beauty of the city, the weather in Florence is an issue that involves many people that follow its evolution through various channels of information.Clearly the weather in Florence, as anywhere else in Italy, follows an evolution which can change daily and can escape the normal climate predictions. Despite what the characteristics of the climate, it has peculiarities that make it classified as a Mediterranean climate, characterized by winters which are relatively mild and summers that are warm and sunny.

weather florence in italy

Florence is located in the central part of Italy, oriented towards the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Although it is far from the sea by a hundred kilometers, the city is located in a valley that surrounds it, closing it in in a sort of hollow. This position of the city of Florence city determines a type of more continental climate than the classic atmosphere of the coastal cities.To better understand the Florence weather in Italy and in order to explore this fantastic city during the most ideal climate to your own personal preference, we have listed below the main features of the climate of Florence for each season.
Weather Florence in the winter is a period that is usually less frequented by tourists, except for the Christmas holidays where the climate is still mild enough. The temperature fluctuates between zero and ten degrees centigrade, although on the coldest days the temperature can drop below zero. Apart from some fog in the morning, the cities the sky remains quite clear and it is rare that there are snowfalls of a certain size. The climate in Florence can be affected by the winds, with a north wind you encounter some more cold and windy days, however, on the contrary when the wind is from the south you can have mild days which raise the temperature up to fifteen degrees Celsius even during the winter season.
Weather Florence in the Spring with the end of the winter season is progressively milder. There is an increase in sunny days even though we may encounter some rainy days. Until April, Winter days prevail while after the days begin to become warmer and head into Summer, thunderstorms can often occur.
Weather Florence in the Summer is characterized by warm, sunny days that progressively increase in intensity, particularly in the early part of this period you may have some afternoon thunderstorms. During the day they go up to the 36/38 degrees Celsius that on hot days can touch 40 degrees. Florence because of its particular position turns out to be one of the hottest cities in Italy during the summer. In some cases the heat is added to the lack of wind that makes the days quite muggy, despite that at night the temperature drops to a more acceptable, especially in the hilly areas of the city.
Florence weather in Autumn remains quite hot, though far lower than summer temperatures due to the rains that in is frequently so abundant.
Although the climate is a rather subjective, generally the period considered climatically most suitable to visit Florence is one that runs from mid-April to mid-June and also the month of September. July and August are characterized by particularly hot days that are well suited to those who tolerate heat and loves the constant presence of the sun.