Florence restaurants and the best tuscan food

The Florence restaurants in Italy are one of the many excellences that the famous Tuscan city offers its visitors. The Florentines know enough about the high quality of the Tuscan food they serve and often go out to eat, especially in the best restaurants in Florence.Florence restaurants are a bit scattered throughout the city from the historic center to the suburban areas. Generally typical Tuscan dishes are easier to find on the menus and are also often the foods most requested by customers.

Ribollita typical Florentine dish

The dishes that tourists seek the most of in restaurants in Florence are the pasta with sauces of various kinds, many of which are based on the presence of the excellent Italian tomatoes, which are also very popular in Tuscan dishes such as ribollita, pappa al pomodoro and panzanella in summer.

Fiorentina steak

As for the meat dishes, the most popular dish for locals and tourists is the Florentine steak, a dish made with the excellent beef "Chianina" a breed of cattle typical of Tuscany and Umbria. The Fiorentina steak is made with a high-cut understanding of the bone that is cooked on the grill, or on the grill so not excessive, so that it remains soft and red inside, this dish of meat in addition to a great flavor is to be appreciated very soft.Another meat dish that you can find in most typical Florence restaurants is the fry that is typically composed of several pieces of meat of various kinds such as rabbit, pigeon, chicken, etc. The feature of this dish is that they are not only the classic pieces fried like the breast or thighs, but the offal and the brain of these animals that take a unique taste much appreciated by those who love this genre.

Tuscan appetizers

Another typical dish in great demand in the Florence restaurants are the famous Tuscan appetizers consisting of cold meats and various cheeses as well as the delicious croutons that are made with liver pate. Along with cold cuts and cheeses from Tuscany, the classic Tuscan bread which is not salty and typical to this area goes well.In addition to restaurants serving typical Tuscan food we can also find many other varieties of foods, pizza is always very popular with both tourists and the Florentines. Even in the case of pizzerias, you can find much variety. The classic Neapolitan pizza is characterized by a dough quite thick and enriched by a large volume of food, excellent for those who are very hungry. For those who do not like this kind of pizza there are good pizza places that make pizzas very low, where the flavor of the dough is absorbed from the food with which it is filled.

Tuscan Chianti wines

When it comes to restaurants in Florence we can not forget the excellent wines that accompany the great Fiorentini dishes. Florence is located next to the famous Chianti area known throughout the world for its production of excellent wines. The Chianti wines are sold all over the world and are famous to the point that in Florence especially in the old town, there are a large number of shops that offer both in Chianti wine in a glass to drink as well as in the bottle to take away.