Italian holidays in Florence

Italian holidays in Florence is not only the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and famous cities in Italy, it is also a city on a human scale. In Florence, the quality of life is better that other cities in Italy. Being here almost becomes a holiday. In Florence you can fully optimise your time spent during Italian holidays, as opposed to larger cities where the traffic and the size of the territory to compel entails long commutes and lost time when reaching the most beautiful attractions and places to see.

italian holidays in florence

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The old town is the artistic center of Florence and can be easily visited walking without the use of public transport. Walking the streets and squares of the center of Florence means you can admire the monuments and works of art and architecture that have made this city world famous for being the birthplace of the Renaissance. The feeling you get walking in the historic center of Florence is that of an open-air museum, where even many streets and squares less historically known, exhibit on an important historical and artistic level.

The areas outside the historic center of Florence although less relevant from an artistic point of view, are still areas of the city comfortable and pleasant to be around. Especially the area of ​​Florence south bordered on one side by the hills of Fiesole and the other from the hills of Chianti. The neighbourhoods of this area are especially nice to hang out with many gardens and parks, and at the same time with all the amenities and services of the city, this is also the area of ​​the football stadium where the Fiorentina soccer team play in the city.

Italian holidays are also good food, Florence is world famous for its cuisine, the restaurants in the city are considered among the best in Italy, the typical dishes of the area are: the Florentine steak, Tuscan appetizers, and excellent pasta dishes or pasta of bread.

In addition to the restaurants, Florence offers many opportunities for lovers of street food, it is common to find shops that sell food hawkers of typical Florentine as the lamprey or tripe cooked according to ancient tradition, specialties to be missed for those visiting Florence perhaps accompanied with a good glass of Chianti wine.

Italian holidays for younger tourists who visit Florence are also fun, the city offers a variety of nightlife, the old town is a destination for a large number of people from the early hours of the night, flock to the many local areas present in both the old and in other neighbouring areas. Bars, pubs and clubs of all kinds are open until late at night, offering music and fun for everyone, even the squares of some downtown areas become a meeting place for lovers of nightlife to have fun well into the night.