The Sweet Life in Florence

Florence is a small town, its population without considering the hinterland is under half a million inhabitants, although the city remains the one with the largest number of residents among the Tuscan cities.Despite the limited number of inhabitants Florence can count on a large number of tourists who arrive and sleeping in Florence during a great part of the year, bringing in fact people into the Tuscan city.

Florence although small is a very lively city: restaurants, shops and bars of every kind can be found in almost all the streets and squares of the old town a short walk from the sights and the most famous monuments of the city. In the historic center of Florence there are all the famous luxury brands, it seems that soon will also open Harrods in Florence.

the sweet life in florence

Among the traditional products for sale there is also typical food and Tuscan wine that are beloved by those who visit Florence. Talking about food along the streets and squares of the city….so nice! We can meet many taverns and restaurants with rich menus of typical Tuscan and Italian dishes.In addition to the many monuments, museums and architectural masterpieces concentrated in the historic downtown area, the days in Florence are alive with many initiatives and events organized in town, the artistic and cultural renaissance offer of this ancient city is unique. Its feature makes Florence a prestigious locations for various events including even the most current as fashion and music.

Sport also found its space in the historic center of the city with the organization of marathons and rowing competitions. Florence is made in the middle of the city thanks to the Arno river that runs through Florence dividing the area from the oldest of the great monuments from the Oltrarno where there are the most characteristic activities such as craft and antiquities.

By nightfall the center of Florence it is transformed becoming a place that offers plenty of entertainment for all tastes, from local youth as bars, pubs and clubs, for environments suitable for older people where you can enjoy aperitifs and fine Tuscan wines accompanied by typical food of the region.Squares and main streets are full of the same tourists and residents who meet after a day of vacation or work to enjoy a city to live at night without the need for car or public transport to reach places where you can get after a short walk in the midst of the most beautiful monuments in the world.