Florence Cathedral Tour

The Florence cathedral includes masterpieces such as the Baptistery of San Giovanni, the oldest Florentine building dating back to the 7th, 8th century AD, the medieval Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, crowned by Brunelleschi's Renaissance Cupola, the underground crypt containing the remainings of the early Christian church of Santa Reparata, the elegant Giotto's Campanile (bell-tower), and finally the Opera del Duomo Museum. A collection of world famous works of art and architecture unique in its kind, ranging from early Christendom to the Renaissance.

Our Florence cathedral tour will be carried out in two hours. One of our qualified guides will show you the Baptistery with the famous Porta del Paradiso (Gates of Paradise) and then continue with the entrance into the Cathedral to discover its artistic treasures and the Crypt of Santa Reparata. After a visit to the Opera del Duomo Museum, home to works of art of immense value, including Michelangelo's Pietà, the Florence cathedral tour will end with a free access to the Campanile of Giotto and Brunelleschi's Dome, high standpoints from which you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of Florence city center seen from above. 

The visit to the complex of the Cathedral of Florence is an overwhelming immersion in the very center of Art and History, and our qualified guides will provide a very enjoyable experience for all.


Florence Cathedral


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