Medici Masters of Florence

Medici Masters of Florence is the TV series that chronicles the rise and the changes of circumstances of one of the most important dynasties in Europe during the era of the Renaissance.

Medici Coat of Arms

Medici Masters of Florence tv series was produced by RAI in collaboration with Lux Vide and Big Light Productions. The first season of this new TV series will take place in eight episodes of approx. one hour each. These new TV series were inspired by the famous dynasty and is perhaps one of the few able to confront the predominant American TV series, that for some years have success around the world.

medici master of florence tv series

To compare, TV series Masters of Florence can stand both for the cast level with several international stars and the charm of the plot that encompasses intriguing stories. Stories between power, art, deception and wars, not to mention the environment, beauty of the monuments and places where TV series have been set.

Among many venues to create the film about Medici the municipality of Florence allowed to feature most important historical sites like Palazzo Vecchio, San Lorenzo Basilica, Bargello Palace, Baptistery and the Duomo of Florence, among many more great historical and artistic spots between Tuscany and Lazio.

Series about the Medici enjoy famous international cast like Dustin Hoffman in the role of Giovanni de 'Medici, Richard Madden who plays Cosimo de' Medici, Stuan Martin in the role of Lorenzo de 'Medici and many other actors. Even some Italians play various historical characters in these TV series inspired by the great Florentine family that ruled florence for three centuries.