Florence F-Light Festival

As last year, F-Light Festival is in Florence with its spectacular light projections. At Christmas but also for the entire month of December, in addition to the numerous lights and decorations in the streets and squares of the historical center, there are also wonderful shows of colored lights.

A lot of Florence monuments will be enlightened by particular projections that will represent different kinds of images and shapes on the most important historical buildings fa├žade.

F-Light Festival will take place in 15 different locations such as Ponte Vecchio, the Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio and other monumental places of the city. The projections on Ponte Vecchio are very fascinating: laste year, the bridge was enlightened by reproductions of famous works of art that aroused interest all over the world.


This year, F-Light Festival takes inspiration from the meaning of the word " source". The spectacular F-Light projections are meant to promote this theme in the widest possible way considering water, light and heat as sources of life.

In addition to these wonderful projections of lights, recreational and cultural events involving children and parents will take place in some museums during the Christmas holiday season.

F-Light is an event that was appreciated all over the world for its charm. Because of that, this kind of event might become a great opportunity for the city of Florence to enhance its beauty as a Renaissance city.

Besides highlighting the immortal beautiful monuments of Florence, F-Light Festival is also convenient to organize since , in spite of its spectacular effects, it does not need any particular equippement weighing on the city planning.