Art Fashion and Food in Florence

Florence is one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. Its fame comes from what Florentines built in the Middle Ages but mostly during the Renaissance. At that time Florence was one of the most flourishing commercial centres in Europe.

Art in Florence

Thanks to the huge wealthes that Florentine families managed to collect, it was possible to build majestic works that still today are subject of study and admiration all over the world.

Numerous works of art can be found in Florence, for this reason Unesco declared this beautiful Italian city a world heritage site. Today, thanks to these monumental works of art, Florence is annually visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. This town is one of the favourite sites for those studying arts.

Every day cultutal and artistic events take place in Florence with the participation of some of the most important figures in the world of art and culture in general. These events make life in Florence a world reference point for researchers and aficionados of this discipline.

In addition to majestic monuments, in Florence there is the chance to get to know the typical traditions of this city, symbol of beauty all over Europe throughout the centuries.

Florentine excellences can be found visiting ancient artisan fashion shops which create unique objects following the past tradition, together with handcrafted items of different kind ranging from clothes to accessories or jewels like those that can be found on the Ponte Vecchio.

Food and Wine in Florence

Another Florentine excellence is food. This city has a great culinary tradition including common and refined dishes that used to be prepared for important Florentine families of the past and their international guests.

Together with the great food offered by typical restaurants you can not miss Tuscan wines. The Chianti area, a few kilometers from the city, is one of the most renowned for its wine production. In fact, Tuscan wines can be found in the most important restaurants all over the world.

Fashion in Florence

Florence is also an important fashion centre. In addition to many fabulous boutiques, this gorgeous Italian city hosts important international fashion events such as Pitti.