Goldsmith's Art in Florence

Florence is absolutely well known all around the world for the art and the beauty of its monuments. This city is also the tradition-bearer bearer of craftsmanship that has been passed through centuries.

The craft tradition in Florence is present in all fields from architecture, sculpture and painting, the classical ones, to the goldsmithing, that in Florence achieve the maximum excellence.

goldsmith florence art

The goldsmithing was born in this part of Italy with the Etruscan Civilization. The Etruscan People was really skilled working with this precious metal. This fact has contributed to generate an unique heritage, today show by the Master Florentine Goldsmiths.

During the Renaissance the trade’s coorporations were instituted in Florence. Among these corporations the goldsmiths had privileged position, who carring out the rich orders of the powerful Florentine families and founded the goldsmith's workshop in the Ponte Vecchio.

ponte vecchio jewelers

These workshops were placed on the Ponte Vecchio because of Francesco I de Medici, this decision was made in the era of the construction of The Vasari corridor to give prestige to this area one of the most frequented by the rulers of Florence and their prestigious foreign guests.

The great reputation of the Florentine goldsmiths has become an indisputable international reference. The most clear evidence of this is the foundation of several goldsmith schools in Florence that are regularly attended by so many foreign students who really want to learn the traditional goldsmith techniques of Florentine artisans.

These students have the opportunity to learn the secrets and techniques of this art learning about goldsmith, gemology and jewelry design. What makes unique the rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants made using the traditional Florentine goldsmith techniques are the special processes inherited in part by the Etruscans.

The ancient Florentine goldsmiths have inherited these from the granulation technique that allows you to give life to a particular decoration on jewelery using small gold balls lined up one by one. In addition to this particular technique the goldsmith artist have developed an unique incision in the Florentine style.

The jewelry made with these techniques have a unique style and refined and are distinguished from the others with the words "Made in Florence", this label is considered worldwide as the manual labor warranty of Florentine goldsmiths.