When is the best time to visit Florence

When is the best time to visit Florence? Winter or summer time...This is common question among the tourists that have to choose the period to spend in this beautiful artistic city of Italy.

Who has already been in Florence knows the city could be visit at any time of the year. The monuments, museums and uncountable masterpieces art are always available at the museums and along the streets and squares of the historic center of Florence.

Visit Florence in best time

Florence is a city with no severe weather conditions in winter, the cold and snow are much less than in other areas of Italy. In this period, you could also spend some lovely moments in the heat of the many cosy bars, clubs and restaurants.

In Florence you could find so many bars and bakeries in the historical center but also in the outside of the city center, the particularity of these Florentine’s bakeries is the wide selection of typical sweets.

From the early morning you could find a huge selection of mini sweets available among the Florentines bar and bakeries, obviously to take with a good espresso. These places make particularly pleasant for tourists and Florentines who can taste this little cakes.

During the summer Florence is characterized by the high temperatures and by the humidity, however the long summer days allow tourists to extend their tours Florence up to the last hours of the afternoon.

During the summer the best places to cooled a little bit are the ice cream shops “gelateria” usually stormed by tourists and by Florentines.

The production of ice cream in Florence stands out for the many varieties of flavors present in the numerous "gelateria". Ice cream is a great food during the summer, actually became a real meal.