Tuscan Food Tour

Our Tuscan food tour will explore the most traditional and characteristic parts of Florence, while indulging with Florentine specialties. We will walk through the picturesque streets of the historic center of the famous Tuscan city, admiring its most interesting monuments and sites. During our Tuscan food tour you will enjoy the famous local specialties, such as Florentine tripe and lampredotto, you will stop in the characteristics vinaini and enjoy finocchiona, a special kind of salami aromatized with fennel seeds, and the typical Tuscan crostini accompanied by excellent Chianti wine. During the tasting our guide will entertain you with stories and legends related to Tuscan food tradition. Our Tuscan food tour ends with a tasting of the famous Florentine ice cream.

The program of Tuscan food tour includes :

authorized guide

stop at a vinaino, tasting salami with a glass of wine

stop at a Lampredottaro, tasting tripe and lampredotto

stop at an ice cream shop, tasting an home-made ice cream

Tuscan Food Tours


tuscan food tour


tuscan food tour

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